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Armaflex (superlon) Pipe Insulation
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Specification of Armaflex (superlon) Pipe Insulation

 Superlon is brand insulation material. Superlon factory located in Klang, Malaysia, is a manufacturing NBR / EPDM with nearly 30 years of experience. The resulting product is primarily concerned with the insulation material for HVAC.

Superlon closed cell structure capable of holding water vapor efficiently to prevent condensation or condensation in the cooling system and engine cooling in general. Superlon also slows heat loss in piping hot water and other heating systems. Superlon protect pipes against corrosion and acts as a vibration damper
The main Superlon insulation black (dark) and tubular or sheet.
Characteristics and Advantages:

1. Kvalue low - tingga efficiency and effective to isolate the cooling system
or heating.
2. The bubble closed cell structure and function to form a closed layer
as a water vapor barrier.
3. Suitable for applications with temperature limits - 40'c up to 105'C
4. Material formed specifically so naturally able to extinguish the fire.
5. Superlon resistant to ozone and ultraviolet.
6. Do not cause skin allergy, CFC free, Asbestos, Chlorine and Fibre.
7. Do not react to almost all chemicals and neutral with respect
metal pipe.
8. Flexibility Superlon make installation work easier, faster, and
9. Requires smaller room because kvalue lower so
thinner material.

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