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Cheap ac compressor and warranty
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Sell Cheap ac compressor and warranty

Specification of Cheap ac compressor and warranty

Sales & Service Air Conditioner Unit, Refrigeration Unit Spare Parts & Acc Ac Compressor Brand: Semi Hermatic Copeland Copeland Copeland Scroll Piston Mitsubishi Panasonic Sanyo Tecumseh Bristol Bitzer Danfoss Daikin Lg.

Welcome to the online store selling a product order split air conditioner compressor along with tools AC / AC Spare parts

We try to offer solutions ease of booking tools or spare parts AC air conditioner for your reliable cooling machine is equipped with a list of the most recent price data.
Special selling split air conditioner compressor for Air Conditioner (AC).

Compressor: The compressor is the power unit of an air-conditioning system. When the AC is run, change the compressor working fluid / gaseous refrigent

Compressor (compressor)
Serves to put pressure on the refrigerant (refrigerants) that circulate in the system. There are two types of compressors rotary type (movement of the rotor in the stator compressor will suck and pressing a refrigerant) and piston (to suck and suppress the refrigerant carried by the piston movement in the cylinder compressor). In order not to overload the compressor performance engines and more durable then fitted with a tool called pressure switching automatically to regulate the course of the compressor.

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