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AC Compressors
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Specification of AC Compressors

The compressor is a mechanical device that served to suck the refrigerant vapor from the evaporator. Then pressed compress) and thus the temperature and vapor pressure becomes higher. The task of the compressor is to keep the pressure difference within the system. Compressor or pump suction refrigerant to the press serves the entire cooling system. The system works by changing the pressure to move from high pressure side to side berekanan lower. The higher the temperature of the pumped the greater the energy released by the compressor.

The function of the compressor itself is sucking gas refrigerant from the evaporator pressure and low temperature then compress the gas into the gas pressure and high temperature. The condenser is a tool to make kondensasibahan refrigerant gas from the compressor to the high temperature and high pressure.

For penempatanya itself, the condenser is placed outside the room being cooled, in order to expel heat out. The condenser is a pipeline network that serves as the condensation. Refrigerant is pumped from the compressor to be suppressed so that the flow to the condenser pipe, then undergoes condensation. From here refrigerant that has been condensed to a liquid and will flow to the evaporator pipe.

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