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Cables Ties
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Specification of Cables Ties

Cable ties are straps / tie cable tie, of course all areas related to cable will always be tied and trimmed with this thing.

The way it works is easy and practical, in principle the head cable ties, in which there is a locking tongue which bergerigi.Lidah it will lock automatically when the end of the cable ties inserted into the head section cable ties. After the end of the cable-ties are entered, the rest can be cut with cutting pliers so neatly.
If the length of cable-ties are not enough to bind to an object, then the cable ties can connect with other cable-ties.

Application of cable ties is very broad, the closest thing to you, for example, for a fixed telephone cables, power cables, cable computer intricate be neat and orderly, for the modification of cars and motorcycles in your favorite can also be used, but it could be your best friend traveling , to bind your briefcase or backpack open, and many other applications.

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