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Cable Gland
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Cable Gland is a tool that is used to secure the ends of the wires in the electrical equipment so that the cable is not moving / stationary under any circumstances and to avoid skin kelecetan cable. Cable Gland is very instrumental in the installation of electrical wiring in the industrialized world. Cable itself has various types of materials made in terms of:

     stainless Steel

Some cable gland products are widely used by the industry: cable gland Hawke, Hawke cable gland cable, cable gland armored and non-armored, metal cable gland.

Plastic Gland cable has advantages compared with other types of cable glands. Yes, you would have guessed that the price is substantially lower cost. Because the materials used to create a cable gland material is a plastic material then of course the price is not as expensive as cable glands are made of steel and metal.

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