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Refrigerant Freon R22
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refrigerant is a substance that is used in engine coolant such as air-conditioning and fridge in order to cool down. These substances are gaseous and are usually white. For those of us who have air conditioning at home may have seen it as the officer added freon air conditioning if your air conditioner less dingin.Freon also called CFCs (Cloro Fouro Carbon). This substance is also commonly found in perfume spray, pilok, and so forth,CFC can cause symptoms of poisoning for humans by inhaling air from the gas. Securities usual on the caused is swelling of the throat, difficulty breathing, severe sore throat, loss of vision, burning eyes, nose, lips and tongue, burns to the esophagus, vomiting blood, blood in the stool, severe abdominal pain, abnormal heart rhythms and circulation blood.

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